Senior residences

DANA Ostsee senior residenceDANA Ostsee Seniorenresidenz The DANA Ostsee retirement home in Neustadt in Holstein is the linchpin of DANA. The very best quality of life is ensured here at this magical location in the Neustadt Bay.

DANA Brunnenkolonnaden senior residence tl_files/images/auswahlgrafiken/brunnenkolonnaden.jpg The DANA Brunnenkolonnaden retirement home is situated in the heart of Bad Pyrmont. Its proximity to the  town centre, along with the exquisite apartments, makes this establishment a true pleasure to live in.

DANA Wohnen am Schloss senior residence tl_files/images/auswahlgrafiken/schlossplatz.jpg Residents in the DANA Wohnen am Schloss retirement home can enjoy wonderful views of Bad Pyrmont castle. A unique atmosphere with all the necessary care!